Due to the Covid -19 we have been forced to reassess our 2020 Season.

Due to the Covid -19 we have been forced to reassess our 2020 Season.

Due to the Covid -19 we have been forced to reassess our 2020 Season. Due to the Covid -19 we have been forced to reassess our 2020 Season. Due to the Covid -19 we have been forced to reassess our 2020 Season.

  • Pre Orders taken for Processors and Research Facilities. Call to place your specified PO.

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About Us

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

Our seed to serum platform was established to provide pharma-grade, CBD biomass based extracts utilizing Phyto cannabinoids with precision, convenience, and transparency . Our mission is to provide an alternative, natural way of  triggering the endocannabinoid system without using industrialized pharmaceuticals. CBD/CBG/CBN are a few Phyto cannabinoids within our focus that will further this quality of diversity. Our love is spreading hemp clones across the country as well as internationally.

Cannabinoids and Healing

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

We offer a broad array of CBD Biomass related services and products geared to address the Farm to Shelf platform. Our team will guide you through  your options to make sure that you are comfortable with every aspect of the purchase. Specializing custom Hemp Clones is our desire!

Our Promise to You

Our Promise to You

Our Promise to You

With over 115 years of combined experience sitting on our board, SweetLeafNow can guide each and every client to their desired Hemp Clones that yield consistent high percentage CBD Biomass. Whether we are directly consulting with a new Hemp Based Farm set up or procuring 2000 Liters of THC FREE Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate, we have a designated expert for each and every aspect of this industry to facilitate a smooth transaction! 


Hemp Flower

Our Promise to You

Our Promise to You

Variety of Industrial Hemp CBD  Flower professionally trimmed, dried, and cured to perfection. Super Face to Uncle Sugar (Seasonal) ranging from $99.00-$450.00/lbs. Bulk pricing on 25,000 lbs. and above. Call for immediate verification and availability: 412-206-6840 



Our proprietary FarmSet system has been developed through qualitative industry standards that allows each farming client to realize their individualized CBD Biomass yield goals through this proven platform. From selecting the proper cultivars to harvesting, processing, and selling the BioMass/Flower, SweetLeafNow implements and finalizes each step of the process. This hands on strategy promotes a profitable outcome year in and year out.   


CBD Crude/Isolates/Distillates

SweetLeafNow has a vast network of processing facilities and expansive greenhouse facilities throughout the country that are under our conglomerate. We work directly with these processors to ensure value pricing to our verified clients buying our bulk priced hemp clones and liquids. Whether your entity needs 10000 Liters a month of Pharma Grade CBD THC FREE BROAD SPECTRUM DISTILLATE OR A MONTHLY CONTRACT OF 4000 Liters of CBD CRUDE, SweetLeafNow will ensure the best value and pricing in the industry! Contact direct with your needs and we will get your Firm/Entity/Research Facility verified to take advantage of the seed to serum Platform verified/analyzed CBD Biomass . 


Boutique Flower

SweetLeafNow prides itself on producing some of the highest quality, smoke-able CBD Biomass based flower in the industry. We are currently taking orders for the 2020 season to procure the best tasting, boutique smoke on the market. Contact us direct to discuss your desired needs in terms of quality and quantity for the upcoming season. We can customize our fields with your selected hemp clones to produce A1 grade smoke. We have 1200 acres of premium soil to fill with your desired needs. Certified Organics upon request.


CBD Distillate

Pharmaceutical Grade CBD THC FREE Distillate with minors

Starting at $2750.00USD per liter. Our capacity stands at 1500 liters a week however can accommodate additional liters onsite. Call 412-206-6840 for instant pricing. Processing Capacity will hit specs to fill any order for CBD Crude/Distillate/Isolate. ***Prices vary***

Farm Consulting

Research and Genetics

Research and Genetics

Research and Genetics

Uncle Sugar Hemp Clones

Genetics are a key component to any successful grow. Maximize your yield with our proven high yield, terpene rich hemp clones. Bred for stability, flavor, taste and profile.

Industry Experience

Research and Genetics

Research and Genetics


SweetLeafNow has over 100 years of hemp clones based experience and a host of resources through the CBD biomass supply chain to help you succeed where others will fail.

Testing & Analysis

Research and Genetics

Testing & Analysis


Complete testing and analysis of soil and flower is provided to ensure top quality, in house bred hemp clones. Extremely important to understand the soil we are utilizing to maximize the cbd biomass yield. 


Contracted Grow

Testing & Analysis

Ape Sour Hemp Clones

From seed to serum, We ensure you are receiving only the very highest quality product and end result. A comprehensive traceability software package is employed to get a full understanding of each cultivar from planting to harvest.


Contracted Grow

Contracted Grow

Cherry Citrus CBD Biomass

Harvesting and cultivation is a large undertaking, especially for newer farmers and smaller operations. Flower must be properly trimmed, dried, transported and cured for best results. Stay ahead of the curve this CBD Biomass harvesting season with our proprietary FarmSet system.

Contracted Grow

Contracted Grow

Contracted Grow

Sour Sugar Hemp Clones

Offering contracted grow specialists and seed to serum solutions, our team has the infrastructure, experience and expertise necessary to turn your Hemp clones into valuable CBD Biomass. Take your operation to the next level in a scalable, honest, transparent way. Partner with the best.

Hemp Farmers

Hemp Farmers

Hemp Farmers


Whatever your needs, we've sourced the highest quality inputs to help each farmer with their hemp growing goals. Hemp Seed, Seedlings, and Clones are the foundation of your overall outcome. Allow SweetLeafNow to procure your virtual outcome!

CBD Biomass

Hemp Futures

CBD hemp farming futures

  CBD hemp farming futures are contracts between an established company looking to secure Hemp CBD Biomass/Hemp Flower from a selected farmer. It is a contract between buyer and seller before the hemp has been grown or finished growing. This is beneficial for both parties as the buyer can secure the crop beforehand and it limits the risk to the hemp farmer. Hemp futures are a great way for an aspiring farmer to enter the market. It can also give the established farmer confidence and let them focus on growing hemp. The contract can be structured in many different ways under different clauses and terms suitable to both parties.

With hemp futures, buyers can secure their supply for the next year and get a much cheaper price. Farmers can secure their orders and cash flow so they can focus on the future season. For these reasons, farming contracts are a win-win for the buyer and seller.

 If you are a hemp farmer looking for a hemp futures contract, it is best to work with an established company who can confidently buy and sell in high volumes on the best terms. Under SweetLeafNow conglomerates, CBD processors contract farmers across the country obtaining futures every season. If you are a farmer looking for a contract please reach out to us and we will negotiate the best terms through our conglomerates.  Drop us a line at 412-206-6840 to pre sell/pre purchase your 2020 Hemp Clones/Biomass/Hemp Flower at favorable rates.

Types of hemp biomass futures

CBD Hemp Biomass Futures

This is by far the most common type of hemp farming contract. CBD IH based biomass has a high demand so futures are fairly easy to get secured for farmers. 

CBD Hemp Flower Futures

This is another common type of hemp farming contract.  CBD hemp flower can produce medical grade CBD/Smoke-able flower. Farmers need to work with SweetLeafNow to ensure they get the best hemp  futures terms for CBD hemp flower.


 With over 115 years combined experience in the Cannabis/Hemp Industry sitting on our board, we have gathered serious constituents within the sphere of these growth verticals, globally and locally, to help us serve this Trillion Dollar opportunity. I wrote a thesis in 1985 on how Hemp would be the most valued commodity/crop globally in the very near future. Well, I was off by about 30 years however still stand by my original thesis. Hemp is a Trillion Dollar Plant, hiding in the shadows, about to be unleashed! 

SweetLeaf Hemp Company is a fully integrated, seed to serum, hemp facilitator. The 2020 season has Arrived. Our cultivar selection for the 2020 season is being decided upon at the turn of the year. Our expansion in the Greenhouse Arena has granted over 250,000 square feet of advanced indoor automated climate control, 24/7. Our inclusion of an upgraded process on seed germination and rooting techniques has granted us divinity throughout our select cultivars. We will be providing approximately 2 million Hemp Clones Nationwide in 2020. Also, a Boutique Flower grow with 5 select cultivars of hand trimmed colas, 10% moisture content at dry , and cured per cultivar. Our focus on the curing process is preeminent. Custom, Boutique Hemp Flower Futures orders are taken for 25,000LBS, or more, of select cultivars for the 2020 season. Call Direct and we will discuss your desires. 

SweetLeaf Hemp Company is expanding the Hemp chain as a whole. We look forward to fielding large tracts of land, within our conglomerate, nationwide with various climates in 2020. Our tried and true methods for the diverse growing needs and demands are superior to the current standards. Our proprietary analytics will monitor seed to serum to properly maintain records on the select cultivars we will utilize nationwide.  

 With that said and our strategy off of the ground, SweetLeaf Hemp Company also has a handy rolodex of extremely valuable contacts within CBD Biomass industry. Being a Master Consultant and Breed Specialist of Hemp Clones, we negotiate large contracts, through our exclusivity, with different processing facilities nationwide. The CBD biomass extraction market is extremely fluid and product doesn’t sit on the ground long. Our buyers need PURE T FREE Distillate, a full spectrum distillate at 92%, or winterized/decarbed Crude oil with a broad spectrum at a discount, we can accommodate these desired products. SweetLeaf Hemp Company specializes in providing wholesale value while utilizing pharma grade processing facilities. While there are a lot of buyers shopping price alone, we have always cautioned against this strategy. Quality processing of highly desired CBD Biomass derivatives is an art, a craft that is mastered by few. The processing facilities we deal with are MASTERS of this craft and the price of their end products hit the market accordingly. 

 Our clients include a wide array of sophisticated players. We provide Hedge Funds the central hub/exchange to implement futures strategies as well as multi national CBD outlets turning isolate into a consumable end product. When contracting with SweetLeaf Hemp Company you are getting a full service experience unsurpassed in the industry!



Additional Information

What are phytocannabinoids?

When people hear the word “cannabis,” they most often think of THC or CBD. THC and CBD are cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds that the cannabis plant, both hemp, and marijuana, produce in varying quantities and degrees. But the cannabis plant is home to more than 100 different cannabinoids. The difference between phytocannabinoids and cannabinoids is minimal, and it comes down to specificity. A phytocannabinoid is a naturally-occurring concentrated oil that is present in the resin that coats the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Cannabinoid chemicals are present in the resin.


Where do cannabinoids fall in this taxonomy?

THC and CBD are considered phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids differ from endogenous cannabinoids, which are produced naturally in the body’s endocannabinoid system. Phytocannabinoids and cannabinoids, impact the endocannabinoid system differently.

What are the different kinds of phytocannabinoids?

There are dozens of phytocannabinoids that scientists know about. But because the cannabis plant has been illegal for almost 100 years, new phytocannabinoids are being discovered, as research on cannabis is in its infancy and currently underway. The most well-known phytocannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


What phytocannabinoids are legal?

The cannabis plant family is broken down into two main strains – marijuana and hemp. Both of these plant strains contain different phytocannabinoids. But the hemp plant does not contain THC or at least minimal THC. Most CBD products that are sold on the market today come from hemp clones.

Both THC and CBD Biomass are legal in states where medical and recreational marijuana have been legalized. On a federal level, CBD is legal, but not THC.



THC is the phytocannabinoid that is the most psychoactive and also comes with addictive qualities. Marijuana plants can sometimes contain as much as 35% THC, while hemp plants typically contain 3% or less. The side effects of THC can include the following symptoms:


  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Dry red, itchy eyes
  • Sleepiness and lethargy


  • Euphoria or high
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increased appetite
  • Paranoia


In large quantities, THC can induce psychosis, and also trigger panic attacks in some people. However, THC can also offer pain relief and other benefits for cancer patients and people living with chronic pain. THC can help alleviate nausea and stimulate appetite while also providing users with some analgesic effects.



CBG is a cannabinoid that may offer some therapeutic effects for users. It is also not a psychoactive substance. CBG may be used to treat the following conditions:


  • Chronic pain
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis
  • Depression and anxiety

Some studies on CBG have also found that CBG may reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients, and can also offer users anti inflammatory effects.



CBN is another phytocannabinoid that does not get a person high. Mostly, CBN has been found to be useful for helping people with insomnia or other sleep issues, since this compound has strong sedative effects. CBN is created when THC is exposed to the air and oxidizes. In ancient tombs where cannabis plants have been found, test results have shown high levels of CBN in the plants.



CBD is a phytocannabinoid that is found in abundance in most strains of hemp. The compound has many therapeutic benefits and effects. Studies have found that CBD can help with insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. It is rare for CBD to cause any adverse side effects. In rare cases, CBD use can trigger seizures in at-risk individuals. CBD can also interact with some prescription medications. Before using CBD, it is critical that consumers talk to their doctor first.


The most common side effects of CBD use include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes
  • Nausea

Specialized Hemp Clone focusing on minor Phyto Cannabinoids CBN/CBG

Specialized Hemp Clone focusing on minor Phyto Cannabinoids CBN/CBG

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To become verified as a corporate purchaser from SweetLeaf Hemp Company please contact us.

Please feel free to contact a member of our staff directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling confirmations you may have for your upcoming , onsite CBD Biomass/Hemp Clone/Hemp Flower consult. We look forward to fostering the expansion of this industry through knowledge sharing, whether you need CBD Liquids/Isolate in bulk or a million select Hemp Clones with elite cultivars. Our designated Cannabis Consultants have been cultured to sculpt a custom platform for each client.

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